I’m going to show you 3 unique ways to make money, using Web Scraping

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Did you know what your reading right now is data? It may just seem like a few words to you but on the back end, everything you read online is data that can be taken, picked apart, and manipulated with. Simplified this is what a Web Scraper is. They go through the code that was created to make a website (HTML code) or database and take the data they want. Virtually any website can be scraped. …

Tried and tested strategies that work

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Whether we're starting out in a new job or on the brink of getting that overdue promotion, we all know we should be negotiating our salaries.

But just because we know it doesn’t mean we do it.

Let’s be honest; walking into our boss’s office and convincing them to give us more money is frightening, so it’s not surprising we don’t want to do it.

But there comes a time where not doing it becomes even scarier especially for your future.

As Stanford negotiation professor Margaret A. Neale puts it:

If you get a $100,000 salary and your co-worker negotiates…

From artificial neural networks to Z-scores

A pile up red and blue magnetic letters on a black background.
A pile up red and blue magnetic letters on a black background.

Data science has become one of the fastest growing fields in the world. The term itself has grown to celebrity status in the language of tech, and more and more people are getting interested and want a piece of that pie.

To learn data science, however, takes time — there are many concepts and practices one must know first before even taking a slice.

Using the letters of the alphabet, I’m briefly going to go over 26 of the most important concepts in data science.

With that being said, lets start with A.

Artificial Neural Networks

Computing system designed “to simulate the network…

Can machine learning make you a millionaire, or is all the talk just false dreams?

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If you’re interested in machine learning as anyone in data science is, you’ve probably stumbled upon or heard about machine learning models that can predict stock prices.

On paper that sounds incredible right! Using these advanced models to get some sort of insider trader so you know tomorrow whether to sell high or buy low.

It sounds like an easy way to make money, but the question is are the predictions from these models accurate enough where you can make significant money following them.

Let’s go ahead and answer this question.

The Top Stock Price Prediction Model

To have an opinion if these models can accurately…

The day in and day out pandas functions used by data scientists

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No, it’s not the giant black and white bamboo-eating bear from China.

Pandas is a library in Python focused on data manipulation and analysis. The library offers various functions used to manipulate and change data structures and datasets.

Why Do You Need to Know Pandas?

  1. 80% of a Data Scientists' job is cleaning datasets. Datasets are cleaned using functions that remove or change values. A large portion of those functions come from the Pandas library.

2. When Data Scientists were asked…

What programming language would you recommend an inspiring Data Scientists to learn first

in a Kaggle survey, 79% said Python.

Python is quickly becoming the top…

Go ahead, scroll down and see if it’s true

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The title of this blog won’t be exactly right. It only updates every few minutes so don’t bother refreshing, refreshing, and refreshing. You won’t actually be able to see it ticking up second-by-second.

If it’s actually 100% spot on it would be a miracle, but if it’s close then the code I’ve written is still working. But at some point, that code will break and the title of this blog will slip more and more out of touch with reality.

The man in the picture above is Tom Scott and that image is from his wildly successful YouTube video: This…

Use technology to your advantage just like I did

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2 years ago I created my first bot in python.

It was a bot made to scrape listings off Airbnb.com. I created the bot because my friends and I stupidly spent $4000 on a ridiculously overpriced Airbnb.

My wallet cried for days, and to ensure I never put my own wallet through that pain again I created an Airbnb scraping bot. It was a bot that scraped hundreds of listings off Airbnb.com so you can easily find the cheapest and best Airbnb's at the location you’re looking for.

In those 2 years, this bot has saved my friends and I…

Decide by viewing the responsibilities, qualifications, skills, and salary of the two.

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In 2020 it was estimated that the number of data-based job listings was approximately 2,720,000. What’s impressive is that this number grew over 700% from the year before.

Data has become the driving force for businesses, and the two prominent data roles that can be found at any company is a data analyst and data scientist.

If you’re interested in data and creating models you’ve probably heard about the two and were confused yourself. The issue is that the line that separates them has become blurred and even experienced data scientists/analysts get confused about the different roles.

In this article…

A degree will not put you ahead of 100s of other applicants. You have to do more.

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If we go back 5–10 years ago this statement is false. Back then the field of data science was just beginning, and there were very few programs to educate aspiring data scientists.

If you were one of the lucky ones to get a degree at these limited programs, then the world was your oyster. The equation of low competition plus the surge of data-driven decision-making equaled a job for the most part.

Do you think that’s the case anymore?

A few days ago Amazon put a job posting on LinkedIn for the position of Data Science Intern and just look…

Reduce anxiety and be confident going into any interview with the help of just a few lines of code.

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Anxious, uneasy, on edge, and sick to my stomach. These are all things I’ve felt right before entering the room to do a life-changing interview… and I’m positive I’m not the only one.

Interviews are the one thing I believe everyone collectively hates, and the reason for it is because you have no idea what the interview is going to be like, the questions you’re going to be asked, and often it’s the very first time you’re seeing the recruiters face.

There’s just so much to be unsure about and that uncertainty makes you anxious, uneasy, on edge, and sick…

Christopher Zita

Data Scientist | I Do Dumb and Cool Things with Code| Proud Canadian | pages.christopherzita.com/clean-code-z

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