I’m going to show you 3 unique ways to make money, using Web Scraping

Did you know what your reading right now is data? It may just seem like a few words to you but on the back end, everything you read online is data that can be taken, picked apart, and manipulated with. Simplified this is what a Web Scraper is. They go through the code that was created to make a website (HTML code) or database and take the data they want. Virtually any website can be scraped. …

The absolute basics for beginners learning NumPy in 2021

The NumPy library is the core library for scientific computation in Python. It provides a high-performance multidimensional array object and tools for working with arrays.

Check out the different sections below to learn the various array functions and tools NumPy offers.

1. Creating Arrays
2. Inspecting Your Array
3. Array Mathematics
4. Comparisons
5. Aggregate Functions
6. Subsetting, Slicing, Indexing
7. Adding/Removing Elements
8. Array Manipulation
9. Copying Arrays
10. Sorting Arrays
11. Data Types

Creating Arrays

A NumPy array is a grid of values, all of the same type. The number of dimensions is the rank of the array; the…

Tips and Tricks to get your blogs noticed by search engines like Google

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the process of optimizing your content online in a way that stands out, which makes search engines like Google show it on top for search rankings for a certain keyword.

When you optimize your blogs the right way it can give you a huge boost in views, and unique visitors.

If you need some proof check out my stats below on one of my Medium articles titled The Best Books for Machine Learning Beginners.

The absolute basics for beginners learning Pandas in 2021

The Pandas library is one of the most powerful libraries in Python. It is built on NumPy and provides easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools for the Python programming language.

Check out the sections below to learn the various functions and tools Pandas offers.

1. Pandas Data Structures
2. Dropping
3. Sort & Rank
4. Retrieving Series/DataFrame Information
5. DataFrame Summary
6. Selection
7. Applying Functions
8. Data Alignment
9. In/Out

Pandas Data Structures

There are two main types of data structures that the Pandas library is centered around. …

After taking over 36 courses, here are my five recommendations


Let me just get this out of the way: I’m in no way an actual prodigy. I’m not creating AI that will change the world or creating equations that will solve the mysteries of the universe like our old pal Einstein.

But I’m in no way a beginner either. I’ve been learning and studying data science for over two years now and have gotten quite far. This is all while being totally self-taught as well.

My journey didn’t start by going to school for data science. …

The absolute basics for beginners learning Python in 2021

Python has become the most popular computing language to perform data science in 2021. But before you can make astounding deep learning and machine learning models you need to know the basics of Python and the different types of objects first.

Check out the different sections below to learn the various types of objects and their capabilities.

1. Variables and Data Types
2. Lists
3. Strings
4. NumPy Arrays
5. Libraries

Variables and Data Types

A variable in Python is used to store values, and here you’ll learn how to assign variables to a specific value and how to change that value, along…

The absolute basics for beginners learning Scikit-Learn in 2021

Scikit-learn is a free software machine learning library for the Python programming language. It features various classification, regression, clustering algorithms, and efficient tools for data mining and data analysis. It’s built on NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib.

1. Basic Example
2. Loading the Data
3. Training and Test Data
4. Preprocessing the Data
5. Create Your Model
6. Model Fitting
7. Prediction
8. Evaluate Your Model’s Performance
9. Tune Your Model

Basic Example:

The code below demonstrates the basic steps of using scikit-learn to create and run a model on a set of data.

The steps in the code include: loading the…

24. “If you are not dead, then there is hope, get up and go conquer the world”.

Everyone has bad days. Days you just want to lie in bed from dawn to dark, eat a dozen donuts, and not talk nor see anyone. These are the times we need a pick-me-up, something that makes us want to jump out of bed and get ready to go.

The greatest pick-me-up is inspiration. It’s that fire inside of you that makes you want to go create, be productive, and help others.

Here are the best inspirational quotes to light that fire and to get you off your butt.

101 Inspirational Quotes

  1. “All people who made it at one time thought they could…

Analyzing over 1,300 personal experiences of those who’ve gone through the process

Amazon package
Amazon package

In a previous article, I analyzed over 300 personal interviews from those who completed the data scientist interview at Facebook. Now I’m back with part 2 to discuss one of the most sought-after positions in all of tech: software engineer at Amazon. This time, I was able to look over 1,300 experiences.

You’re probably wondering how was I able to find 1,300 people who did the Amazon software engineer interview in person.

Well, it was all thanks to Glassdoor.


Glassdoor is a website where current and former employees can anonymously review companies. …

Tried and trusted methods that put extra cash in your wallet

So you have acquired one of the most sought-after skill sets in the world today, and now you want to make a few dollars on the side with it.

But how do you do just that?

I asked myself this exact question 2 years ago and from experimenting with different methods, I can confidently say I have a good hold on what methods are better than others, and now I want to share my learnings with you.

I’m going to show you 7 ways you can make money using a coding skillset.

Now, this isn’t just one of those other…

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